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Success does not come easily to you. To be successful, you must first and foremost focus on one thing. You have to determine your focus first. 

The next one is to work on achieving that focus. Maybe your laziness will come, sometimes you will get frustrated. Still need to work to achieve focus.

I also grabbed the focus to get my success.

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Jan, 2000
Dec, 2005

Bachelor of Science


I was not very caring in my academic life. Which has given me a lot of pain in the future. However, there was no shortage of care to get the overall results. I was emotionally prone in student life. I did not have many friends in my student life. But now I have many friends, now my emotions are much less. I care very much about my work.


Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B)

Islamic University, Kushtia

Studying law to enhance my professional standards. I thought, as a responsible person, I need to know the law. Therefore, in addition to my professional responsibilities, I became a law student. But those two years were very important times in my life. I have continued my studies with a lot of desire. I am still studying law as a law student.

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